The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. ~ Sydney Harris

For veterans, there are a whole lot of mirrors.

What can Armo Press do for you?

Write content that blows holes through bureaucratic roadblocks and builds bridges to understanding and opportunity for veterans and clients.

Our website and intellectual property development team will empower you and your business to achieve goals you previously thought were outside your personal or corporate budget.

At Armo Press, we give small businesses Big Business tools on small business budgets.



  1. Ben’s articles and blogs reach and equip hundreds of thousands of veterans, 400,000 each month on alone.

  2. has a readership of 10,000 each month and growing.




  • Voc Rehab Survival Guide for Veterans by Ben Krause
  • VetSet Primer: The Business Owner’s Guide to Understanding Veterans
  • VetSet Primer: The Employer’s Guide to Understanding Veterans
  • VetSet Primer: The Community Guide to Understanding Veterans


  •, owners of


Helping veterans and those who help them receive what they’ve been promised.

The government has promised to give veterans, the disadvantaged, and the disabled a square deal. Armo Press helps them redeem it. And, of equal importance, Armo Press helps businesses that serve reach these and all other target markets.


We specialize in developing:

  • Content for Veterans to get their benefits
  • Hot copy writing solutions to help your business sell
  • Websites for sales or idea broadcasting to varied marketplaces
  • Research strategy for product and IP development